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Rev. Kenneth Taylor,

Turner Memorial AME

Beyond a doubt, David Moye is the most qualified person to run for West Columbia District 8 seat in years. As a businessman, and longtime presence in this community, David knows best the needs of the community, and David has the connections to bring about positive change. David exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. David will use those qualities to create a better balance between City Government and Community residents.  We need David. David needs you. Vote for him this November.



Market Urbanism Report endorses David Moye’s candidacy for West Columbia City Council, SC.  A candidate for local office who understands the Free Market approach to city growth is hard to find in any city- David Moye is one such candidate.  (Market Urbanism Report runs a regular column in Forbes Magazine).


Greg Martin, Owner,

Primal Gourmet

I noticed David Moye’s work in West Columbia during my search for a new location.  We met, and David was upfront about the benefits as well as challenges in West Columbia.  Real investors want straight talk, not fluff.  David Moye’s advice is a key reason Primal Gourmet decided to locate our new flagship in West Columbia.

Scott Beyer, Founder

Market Urbanism Report

Gene Brazzell, Owner,

M&R Realty, Inc.


I have been West Columbia a real estate broker since 1972.  We are in a critical phase of growth, and cannot afford to miss this opportunity.  David has a strong grasp of the important role good planning plays for property values and growth.  We need this on City Council.  I fully support him for council!

Ted McGee, Jr., Owner,

McGee Real Estate

Dustin Johns, Owner,

Resource Realty Group


McGee Real Estate has operated our Meeting Street office for 57 years.  We have seen everything that can possibly be tried in the city.  West Columbia has always needed someone on council who understands land use- David Moye is that someone, period!


I am a young business owner in the real estate business.  David Moye’s knowledge and understanding of how communities evolve and adapt in a positive way is impressive, logical, and long overdue.  I just wish he could be on more councils!


Recently a partner and I built and sold two brand new houses on Center Street.  This is a growing area of West Columbia, and we would like to build more houses.  David Moye has plans to make the design and construction process easier and more rewarding for all who build, from small to large.  David's sensible plans are important to our goal of building new homes in West Columbia.


Eric W.,

District 8 Resident &

Urban Mobility Consultant

In the 4 years I have known David Moye, he has proven to be committed to make West Columbia and District 8 a better place to live.  I am a professional in a field that is part of city planning. I know development that does not respect the character of a place can do more harm than good.  David has a vision for growth that respects unique things that attracted my family to West Columbia to begin with.  I support David because he fundamentally gets it.

David Bowden,

USC Professor & Homebuilder


As a former police officer and 12-year District 8 resident, I was very impressed that David knew ways to address crime at the root.   He will make our community safer and our families stronger.  When David first asked for my vote, he was willing to really answer the most difficult questions my wife and I could ask, explain his intentions if elected, and all of it was based on his life experiences.  He has a beautiful wife, a gracious heart, and has traveled enough to bring fresh ideas to West Columbia.


I am very impressed with David Moye's ideas and plans for our District. I personally know the Moye family has been involved in our community for generations. In fact, I first met David's father, Richie Moye, when he and my late husband played football together at the University of South Carolina… (ACC champs, 1969!).  David is from a very generous family who welcomes everyone as friends.  Our community will be well served by David Moye.


I enthusiastically support David Moye.  David will work to keep the small-town flavor of our city.  He cares! On a scale of 1-10, I give David Moye a grade of 6 million!


Like David, I am also a proud West Columbian who wants to see my hometown have the quality leadership it deserves. I have known David Moye all of his life and have watched him grow and mature into a bright, motivated, and responsible young man. David's love and devotion to his community was instilled in him by his family who have lived in West Columbia for many years. We both worship at Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church where David is an engaged & active member. I am confident that if elected, David will contribute his vision for a stronger, friendlier city that will benefit all of us.

Jonathan B.,

District 8 Resident

Ann S.,


Sioux T.,

District 8 Resident

Betsy D.,

District 8 Resident

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