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David Benjamin Moye

Councilman, West Columbia Council District #8

Great Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods

For years, I have been active in my neighborhood.  I will be an active council member for District 8.

I am a 3rd Generation West Columbian, a lifelong member of Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church on B Ave.

West Columbia is a growing "Small Town City." My wife, Lisa, and I, are fully committed to West Columbia's bright future as the the best place to live and raise a family. 

Most importantly, I have proven results in West Columbia.

House by house, my local business cleans up properties, reduces crime, and raises property values in neighborhoods that were neglected. 


Where others gave up hope, I have attracted the best neighbors.   


I have also attracted the best new business.

I have the right qualifications to serve you well on Council.

I've listened.  I've been there.

I've spoken for others, even when it took courage.


​​I know what it takes.
I will listen to you.
I will respond to you.

I am honored to serve you.

- David Benjamin Moye



• Licensed Real Estate Broker-in-Charge: Brookland Realty- 10 years Experience

• Real Estate Investor- 8 years experience

Endorsements & Accolades:

Primal Gourmet: "David Moye's advice and influence is a key reason Primal Gourmet decided to locate our new flagship in West Columbia."

- Greg Martin, West Columbia Owner, Primal Gourmet

Market Urbanism Report: "Market Urbanism Report endorses David Moye, from West Columbia, SC as an outstanding local candidate nationally who understands the Free Market approach to city redevelopment."

- Scott Beyer, Founder, Market Urbanism Report (Market Urbanism Report is a media organization with a regular column in Forbes Magazine)

Resource Realty Group: "I am a young business owner of a local real estate company. It's extremely exciting to have David Moye as a candidate for council. His knowledge and understanding of how communities evolve and adapt in a positive way is impressive, logical, and long overdue...  I just wish he could be on more councils!"

- Dustin Johns, Owner, Resource Realty Group

Professional & Civic Associations​:

• Congress of New Urbanism, Member
• We Do Incremental Development, Member
• Guignard Neighborhood Association, Member

The River District Association of West Columbia, Member

Accomplishments & Contributions:

• Strong support of Law Enforcement and First Responders

• Strong support of City Employees

• Primal Gourmet - attracted to West Columbia from promotional activity*

• Shull and Violet St - Added to Guignard Neighborhood to help reduce crime

• West Columbia Beautification Foundation-Tribute for Trees Donor

• Brookland Development - gave comments that brought oversight*

• Educational Seminars - Proposed year long series of monthly seminars by leading professionals in various fields of city redevelopment to inspire and inform the best outcomes.*

• Spring Street Cottages - Spoke strongly in support favor of this project for New Urbanist design.

​My biggest personal contribution to West Columbia Growth  -  "House by House" cleaning up properties in neglected parts of town- where others gave up hope, and recruiting the best neighbors anyone could hope for.

My campaign slogan is "Great Neighbors Make Great Neighborhoods."  I think attracting the best neighbors in the West Columbia area is key for our district and solves all ills.  It is very possible because I have been doing it.  As your council representative, I would be thrilled to present a redevelopment vision that brings great neighbors district-wide, in this city where I was born, that I love.

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