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January/February 2021 Newsletter

What a busy 2 months we have had in District 8.

Home values are the highest they have ever been in our city. My goal is for home values in the district to at least keep pace with inflation.

The numbers are in for St Ann's Alley behind Cafe Strudel and they are STRONG. St Ann's Alley has higher PER ACRE values than Congaree Park on the River, which is a very positive thing and the houses are "market affordable." The residents will be very valuable patrons for nearby businesses in walking distance.

We welcome Savage Craft Brewery which is now open. It will be an economic asset.

D's Wings is moving to the district as well.

I'm aware that parking is a critical issue as we grow. I'm working a number of hours every week to make sure we are being as proactive about parking as possible.

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