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When is Election Day?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 7AM-7PM

Do I need to register to vote?

Yes, you need to be registered to vote at about 1 month or earlier before the election. After which time, you will not be able to vote.

OPTION 1: Call us & we will bring you a registration form.

OPTION 2: You can register online:

What if I physically can't go to the voting booth on Election Day? You can vote Absentee.


Visit (during business hours), complete an application, & cast your ballot at: 
Lexington County Board of Voter Registration & Elections
605 West Main Street, Suite C
Lexington SC 29072


You may vote absentee in-person up until 5:00 p.m. on the day before the election (ID Required).

By Mail

Follow these steps to vote absentee by mail.  Photo ID is not required to vote absentee by mail.

Step 1: Get an absentee application in one of two ways - Request an application by visiting/calling/emailing:

Step 2:  You've now printed your application online or received it in the mail.  You must now complete and sign the application and return it to your county voter registration office. You may return the application by mail, email, fax, or personal delivery.

You should return the application as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 4th day prior to the election (the 4th day is Friday for all Tuesday elections). 


Step 3:  Receive your absentee ballot in the mail.

Step 4:  Vote the ballot following ballot instructions and return it to the county voter registration office in your county of residence by 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election.  You may return the ballot personally or by mail (allow several days for mailing time).  You may also have another person return the ballot for you, but you must first complete an authorization to return absentee ballot form, available from your county voter registration office.

Where are the polling booths?

If you are within the green borders, you are considered a West Columbia resident & the polling locations are located:

West Columbia #1: Brookland United Methodist Church, 541 Meeting St

West Columbia #2: Turner Memorial AME Church, 1122 Monticello St

West Columbia #3: West Columbia Community Center, 754 B Ave

West Columbia #4: West Side Baptist Church, 2100 Platt Springs Rd

Leaphart Rd: Pine View Baptist Church, 3010 Leaphart Rd

Hook’s Store: B-C Grammar School No. 1, 114 Hook Avenue

Saluda River: Our Savior Lutheran Church, 1500 Sunset Blvd

Westover: Providence Presbyterian Church, 112 Hummingbird Dr

Quail Hollow: Saluda River Baptist, 3459 Sunset Blvd

Springdale: Springdale Elementary School, 361 Wattling Rd

Barrier-free Poll/Absentee Ballots/Fail-Safe:           

Lexington Co. Auxiliary Bldg.    

605 W. Main St. Suite 105 

Lexington, SC

**Information subject to change. The above information is provided as a courtesy. Visit the South Carolina voting website for more information:

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